Manually liftable / fixed mattress supports

Manually liftable / fixed Flexolatte

The mattress support according to a pure Swiss tradition

The Flexolatte is an all-wood mattress support, consisting of a three-latte bed area, with an adjustable lumbar area.

It benefits from the historical know-how of Le Bed in the design of twisted-glued wood frames with the guarantee of high-end comfort..

It is available in a fixed or manually liftable version.

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The Manually liftable / fixed Flexolatte mattress support in detail

Fixed mattress support
Massive beech and multiply structure
Manual relaxation

The Flexolatte mattress support comfort assets

Manually liftable / fixed mattress support version

  • Able to be integrated in a bed surrounding (1) or to rest on feet
  • Frame spun-glued according to the Le Bed know-how, in solid beech and multiply
  • Adjustable suspensions in the pelvis zone

• 1. The dimensional compatibility of the mattress support with an existing surrounding is the responsibility of the customer or his representative.

Dimensions available

  • Overall width : 2 x 70 cm / 2 x 80 cm / 2 x 90 cm
  • Single width : 90 cm / 100 cm / 120 cm / 140 cm
  • Length: 190 cm / 200 cm


  • Can be integrated in an S Line or Smart Line surrounding
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