Contour S Line


Exclusively, the bed offers surroundings with rounded corners in 3D decorations, for a soft and high-end finish.

The S Line surrounding, 180 mm high and 30 mm thick, offers a strong and high-quality look.

It is intended to accommodate the extra-flat mattress supports of the bed collection.

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L'entourage de sommier S Line en détail

  • Profiles in 180 x 30 mdf soft line coated in 3D
  • Mattress support surrounding intended to be assembled quickly to dress up an extra-flat mattress support from the bed collection. It can also be used as a surrounding for an existing mattress support (2)

2. In compliance with standard ribs of the S Line surrounding. The dimensional compatibility of the mattress support with an existing surrounding is the responsibility of the customer or his representative.


  • Gouge back board 140/160/180/200
  • Padded back board 140/160/180/200
  • Chocolate square back board 140/160/180/200
  • 2 section back boards of all sizes

Dimensions available

  • Overall width : 2 x 70 cm / 2 x 80 cm / 2 x 90 cm / 2 x 100 cm
  • Single width : 90 cm / 100 cm / 120 cm / 140 cm
  • Length : 190 cm / 200 cm (210 x 220 with special order)

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The uncompromising technical mattress support

The Sculptural, a motorized base in a metal frame, is the answer for those looking for a technical mattress support of flawless robustness..

Composed of adjustable ball joints, an entire bed made of deformable and extremely resistant carbon fibre slats that automatically adapt to the morphology of sleepers; it will support your sleep for decades!

The Sculptural motorized mattress support can be integrated into a Le Bed S Line Contour or Le Bed Smart Line Contour.

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