Bagged springs core mattresses


The firm and dynamic mattress!

For adepts of sports and night action, the Evolène has been designed for those looking for a particularly firm, toned and well ventilated mattress.

Its hundreds of bagged springs guarantee optimal pressure distribution and sleeping independence while accompanying effortless night movements.

The Evolène offers two sleeping faces: one breathable for summer, and the other for winter with visco-elastic foam to regain a more enveloping feel.

The design of the Evolène mattress predisposes it to fixed mattress supports.

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The Evolène mattress in details

mattress thick
Thick : 23 cm
Strong support
le-bed-tonic behaviour-mattress
Tonic comfort
7 comfort zones
le-bed-dynamic behaivour mattress
Dynamic behaviour

The Evolène mattress comfort assets

  • 23 cm thick
  • Core of bagged springs
  • Tonic comfort
  • Very strong support
  • 7 comfort zones
  • 1 summer face with a breathable foam/complex ticking and 1 winter face with a complex visco-elastic foam / breathing cottony ticking
  • 4 aerators
  • 4 handles
  • Elastic jersey and polyester ticking, Oeko-Tex certified
  • Warranty: 5 years

Dimensions available

  • Width : 70 cm / 80 cm / 90 cm / 120 cm / 140 cm / 160 cm / 180 cm
  • Length : 190 cm / 200 cm

Also looks great with...

Magnifik manually liftable / fixed

The condensed Le Bed know-how for a high-end bedding

The Magnifik comes as a mattress support integrated into its surroundings (Magnifik 15) or as an extra-flat mattress support only that can be integrated into an existing surrounding (Magnifik 9 motorized / manually liftable Magnifik and fixed Magnifik).

It was designed to offer the best of technologies.

By combining beech slats, firm carbon fibre slats and adjustable studs, it provides incredible, adjustable comfort and helps maintain the life of your mattress.

The Magnifik manually liftable / fixed mattress support comes in a stainless steel looking finish that enhances its technicality and its high-end positioning.

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The clever upholstery mattress support!

The Muse is an upholstery mattress support that stands out in the galaxy of Upholsterers, with its removable cover that does not sacrifice aesthetics.

Thus, it can be removed and replaced very easily if you want to change the look of your mattress support.

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Manually liftable / fixed Flexolatte

The mattress support according to a pure Swiss tradition

The Flexolatte is an all-wood mattress support, consisting of a three-latte bed area, with an adjustable lumbar area.

It benefits from the historical know-how of Le Bed in the design of twisted-glued wood frames with the guarantee of high-end comfort..

It is available in a fixed or manually liftable version.

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Pull-out mattress support

The practical mattress support, according to Le Bed!

Because we think that a practical bed should also be comfortable, the Pull-out bed, with its 2 mattress supports that can be juxtaposed at the same height is more than an extra mattress support.

Its beech slats, its hand-lifted headpiece and the ability to house mattresses up to 20 cm thick truly make it a very comfortable bed.

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