We Bed, a story
of recognized know-how

Discover the beautiful history of this French factory mastering a state-of-the-art technology, creating local jobs, driven by a spirit of quality when servicing its customers!

Located in the core of the Alsatian Vosges, in the Department of the Upper Rhine, We Bed is a French company specializing in the design and manufacture of wooden mattress supports and high-end mattresses..

Originally, a French subsidiary of a large Swiss bedding group, We-Bed has retained its DNA and Swiss technology that have made its reputation, and perpetuates its know-how through its historic Le bed.


To support its development, MATRA AG, which markets the Swissflex brand, created the production site Le Bed SA in Masevaux (France), worthy heir to the strong know-how of the parent company in the manufacture of very high quality bedding.


RECTICEL acquires 100% of MATRA AG and markets the brands Le Bed, Swissflex, Bultex, Epeda, Merinos.


Manufacturer and distributor of furniture since 1922, WEBER INDUSTRIES, an Alsatian family group, buys the Masevaux site to strengthen its production capacity in France and renames the company Le Bed.

le bed, "Swiss Design" bedding

A leader in the manufacture of high-end bedding, We Bed now offers a wide range of components under the Le Bed brand:


Motorized liftable mattress supports, manually liftable mattress supports, fixed mattress supports or Pull-out beds, our “Swiss Design mattress supports” are twisted and glued, a technology inherited from our Swiss history as a guarantee of quality and durability.


Mattresses with latex core, foam core, core of bagged springs, thele bed mattresses are specially designed to be associated with the mattress supports of the collection according to the type of sleeping desired in order to offer you the best sleep.


le bed offers exclusive surrounding with rounded corners and 3D machined wooden headboards, covered with decorative paper.


The agility of our production system allows us to respond as quickly as possible to any type of customers, professionals and the general public.


Because our customers have evolving expectations, we are constantly listening to them to integrate their needs into our developments and thus offer them the most suitable products.


Our constant search for optimization of manufacturing costs allows us to offer excellent value for the money.

le bed par We Bed

A know-how recognized by the most demanding industrialists
Mastery of state-of-the-art technology in the manufacture of articulated mattress supports with slats, fixed and semi-finished parts
A team of passionate technicians who listen to your expectations with the key word: customer satisfaction!
A network of dealers for more proximity

We Bed : key figures

A 50,000 m²
industrial site

A team at your service
for more than 30 years

A capacity of more than
200,000 mattress supports per year

70% of revenue