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The firm and dynamic mattress!

For adepts of sports and night action, the Evolène has been designed for those looking for a particularly firm, toned and well ventilated mattress.

Its hundreds of bagged springs guarantee optimal pressure distribution and sleeping independence while accompanying effortless night movements.

The Evolène offers two sleeping faces: one breathable for summer, and the other for winter with visco-elastic foam to regain a more enveloping feel.

The design of the Evolène mattress predisposes it to fixed mattress supports.

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The latex mattress naturally!

For latex enthusiasts looking for a classic and reassuring mattress, the Hyléore offers all the advantages of a 100% latex core: natural firm support, soft comfort with a dose of tone, breathing and uniform distribution of pressure zones.

Its breathable cover, guaranteed by Oeko-Tex, is machine washable to preserve hygiene and extend its lifespan.

The design of the Hyléore mattress makes it particularly suitable for electrically or manually liftable mattress supports.

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