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The mattress with the perfect combination!

For those looking for a mattress with a foam core that adapts to all types of sleepers, we have designed the Heliade to offer the best of comforts.

Its exclusive open-cell hyper-breathing foam comfort regulates the sleep climate and prevents moisture build-up and excess heat.

Its highly elastic hold will also suit “active” sleepers by offering ideal freedom of movement throughout the night.

The visco-elastic soy based foam interspersed between the comfort and the 35 kg of High Resilience foam reduces residual pressure points.

And, because a mattress that wants to be universal is never completely universal, we offer the Heliade mattress in 2 versions: with balanced or firm support.

Finally, its breathable cover, guaranteed by Oeko-Tex, is machine washable to preserve hygiene and extend its lifespan.

The design of the Heliade mattress makes it particularly suitable for electrically or manually liftable mattress supports.

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